Thursday, July 8, 2010

Volvo’s bikes in the garage and the Disco - part 3

Proof that this is Volvo's Garage  S60R

This was going to be the final segment of the Crosman Discovery, but I have been pondering Slinging Leads bike comments. It seems we spend money on what is important to satisfy the exact need we have. Most purchases make our pain go away and replace that feeling with happiness and contentment.

The key here is how we prioritize these needs. For me, a bike is about as high on the scale as the lawn ornaments my wife desires. Somewhere around 1991 I make the pain go away of her wanting to ride bikes together by picking up a pair of slick rides at Sears. I know they are not the cream of the crop but I also know we will not ride them much.
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My Lemon Crate was a sweet way to travel back in the day but once I learned to drive I never looked back. I enjoy a bike ride about as much as a yearly prostate exam.

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So what is my epiphany here? For people not over the top passionate about airguns, the Disco does serve a purpose.

It is the Free Spirit of the PCP world.

This review is a real Cliff Hanger!


  1. Volvo

    How did I know it was a Free Spirit? Ah well... at least it wasn't a purple-pink rainbow fade. Does it least have a mount for a Gamo Recon?

    "I enjoy a bike ride about as much as a yearly prostate exam."

    There a lot of different ways I thought about responding to that, but I decided to keep it classy and interpret it to mean you dislike bicycling by and large.

    The implication is that the Discovery is the PCP to buy if you don't like airgunning and you are trying to keep your significant other from liking it either. This is wrong.

    If the Free Spirit had a PCP equivalent, it would be made in Cambodia, and comprised mainly of reeds and animal sinew.

    If the Discovery had a bike equivalent, I would say it is a Specialized Stumpjumper.

    It doesn't even hint at the finery of the highest end bikes but, it more bike than most bikers will ever need. Affordable for most and up for the job at hand.

    BTW: All the manly beer signs almost makes up for the 'Free Spirit' bikes. ;^)

  2. Mr. Lead,

    Clearly my tale was not very clear. The conclusion I had meant the reader to reach in this segment was that the Discovery was the most basic and utilitarian of PCP’s, in the similar fashion that a Sear’s bike is to other bicycles.

    Furthermore, that it will fit some shooters needs, just not those that are particularly discerning in this category.

    There are a million of these comparisons, i.e.:
    MD 20/20 is to wine as the Disco is to PCP airguns.

    By the way, it is notable that you did not take the bait on the exam, could it be we have turned a corner?

  3. Volvo

    Mr. Lead?

    I'm not wearing a tie, why the formality?

    Your tale was reasonably clear, despite being packed with photos of the sports-bar decor and of bikes that were bought with the express purpose of being ignored.

    I just happen to take exception to your conclusion. You had to know that was coming.

    The difference is that you enjoy airgunning but dislike cycling, therefore you have no frame of reference to make such comparisons.

    I on the other hand, enjoy both. And while I do not have your decades of airgunning experience with which to develop sufficient airgun snobbery, I do have quite a bit of experience with bicycles of all different levels of quality, and my own airgun collection could be defined as such.

    Those bikes should be called "Cliff Clavins" not "CliffHangers."

    I don't have much experience with wine though. Is MD 20/20 good?

    I will post my own mini review of the Discovery on your final blog. I'm sure servers are already melting with anticipation.