Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Disco – part two

Disco – part two
Pretty in a picture

I pick up where I left off yesterday looking for my Discovery review on the PA blog. Seems I was contemplating not opening the package until Christmas:

“So I’m staring at the shipping box, should I wait for Christmas or open the Discovery today?”

“Volvo: I hate to say it man, but if it was purchased as a Christmas present you should wait,..

Mr B”

“Volvo - I'd hate to waste two months of warranty (or the 30 day return, if you got it from PA). Unfortunately, I think that you HAVE to open it and give it a test. Randy”

“Volvo, of course open the Discovery and tell us about it. The warranty period seals the deal. I underwent major stress just waiting for my guns in the mail. In the house would have been impossible. Matt61”

Please let us know how the Disco goes.

Now I have to admit, I have no intention of waiting six weeks to test it out but I enjoy teasing my fellow blog members. Needless to say I hint at what is to come:

“Don’t know if I’ll make it, the rifle in the box is tormenting me like a heart beat under the floor.”

But now here is the rub, my initial impression slash review is gone.
Sad face. Perhaps it was a little too rough to be tolerated. The reason I was seeking out that original piece was two-fold: First, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, second and most importantly I cannot recreate the emotions that I felt when I first opened that box.

My early model has the Walnut stock
This is all I can find, a follow up piece that hints at my disappointment:

... My initial impressions of the furniture on it have not changed. Since it is useless to offer problems without solutions – here is mine. Send the stock blanks to shop classes throughout the USA. Any 12 year old with a piece of steel wool and the desire to at least achieve a C- will make a better product. Win-win.

Sorry, but I need to get it out of my system. Putting more effort in the box than the stock is just sad. Let people make a product they can be proud of.

The noise level is less than the Webley. I suspect the lower charge level is to thank.

The pump is very nice overall. It lacks the moisture filter of the FX model, but seems to be every bit as sturdy.

The open sights are fair at best, but since most will scope it that is of little consequence.

I have not scoped it yet, so the accuracy remains to be seen.

The dual fuel idea is intriguing, but it needs a couple items that are not included to run off of CO2. I do have to question the name. Since “dual fuel” ranges have been available for about a decade, I keep envisioning a range with gas burners and an electric oven.


BG Farmer tries to make it all better:

BG_Farmer said...


Send the stock -- nay the whole rifle and pump -- to me, and I will refinish the stock within 6 months to something which can be compared to a Weatherby Mark V. I won’t charge for this service, although ebony endcaps are extra:).

So it seems a part three will be needed. Additionally I will have to pick up a flux capacitor and DeLorean to re-live the moment…Slinging, in many fine dining experiences the meat can be many courses away.


  1. Volvo,

    Your links always bring a smile. You're very warped. The leap you made to pcp's was most interesting to me. The disco as a catalyst seems in hindsight merely a stepping stone.

    Looking forward to part 3 since my memory isn't what it used to be.


  2. Haha...your Disco must mave been worse than mine. I really didn't think that mine was that bad. I am planning to re-finish the stock though.

  3. Volvo

    "Now I have to admit, I have no intention of waiting six weeks to test it out but I enjoy teasing my fellow blog members."

    I hope this is what you meant about the Sears 10 speed. What is it named, a "Free Spirit"? Is it a Ladies model? Does it have the original rainbow tassels protruding from the grips?

    Usually, the little rubber strings on the tires mean the bike hasn't been ridden past the end of the driveway. I am sure Derrick is shaking his head in disgust, but he seems a forgiving soul, so he might not shun you entirely.

    You should have sent the stock to BG_Farmer, and even paid for the ebony endcaps. I would have. You would probably reject it anyway, but it would look nice against that Berber carpet.

    Please let me know when you happen to remember any substantiatial gripes about what is perhaps the best PCP made for the price it is offered.

  4. Slinging,
    I will conclude the series with a summary of what the rifle is and isn’t. No gripes or opinions – it will be simple facts. Meanwhile check out the next post which is the sorbet.