Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The road to Discovery…Part one

The  photo helps stir my memory ... but I need more

At Slinging Lead’s persistent request, I decided to revisit the Benjamin Discovery. I will venture up front, that he is more interested in his rebuttal than my ramblings, but honestly I relish a good debate. So on with the show.

I decided that I would turn to the comments in the PA blog to refresh my memory on my experience with the Disco. While it has only been a little less than two years I can’t help but smile at the changes that have occurred as I search for my impromptu review among the comments.

I know that the Disco comes after my Webley Raider but before the FX Whisper, which puts it in the fall of 2008.

Here are some quotes from the golden era of comments:


It is free to list and sell your rifles here:

Kind of a pain to post pictures, but you can just e-mail them to interested parties. Most of the items I post sell in a few hours, so be careful of listing too much at once. You can get overwhelmed with e-mails.
Maybe try a couple of the rifles to see if you like it. You do need to include a price. You will also have to join first, which is painless.


This reminds me that the barrel actually flexes when you attach the fill probe

I was explaining to Wayne how to sell rifles on the Yellow Forum. Wayne now has 15 PAGES of feedback on the yellow from buying and selling. Just a year earlier I was explaining the Blue Book of Airguns to him. They grow up so quick.

He responds:


I just did my first post, and I couldn't see how or where to add photos... it was easy to sign up, thanks..
With the price one can find used PCPs for, I think you got it right about the Discovery...
After using the Air Arms S410 with the broken mag for a month, (it was an easy fix, I shouldn't have waited so long), self indexing is not necessary for me.. I'll do a search and see what I find.. if anyone out there knows, give me a link..



By his reply I summarize that I am close, but have over shot the date slightly.


I still have not shot the Discovery yet. As you suspected, it may not be long lived with me. I have contemplated just listing it for sale as new in box and keeping my eyes open for another deal on a used PCP.



Really appreciate the details and unbiased review of the disco. You've made me feel better about myself for not pulling the trigger on that purchase.



How nice. I thought you were going to sell the Discovery without opening the box.

"Bg Farmer,

Tempting offer. Could you throw in a brass trigger? : )"

He had offered to refinish the stock....


My bias isn't solely based on your opinion.

Read an awful lot about the discovery. I really like the price, the package that includes the pump, mid-range report, etc. It just won't be my entrance into the pcp world. Can't quite put into words what my hesitation is. Guess springers are satisfying my craving right now.


I still need to find that review. I am over shooting it, I just need to go back a few days. I will have it in my sights soon... I smile at the thought that Kevin shuns PCP’s…


  1. Volvo,

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Your kids grow up so quickly!

    I've had an opportunity to shoot a disco.

    In my opinion the discovery is the airgun that will go down in history as the bridge most traveled by airgunners entering the pcp world. Affordable, powerful, quite accurate but loud. Terrible trigger and finish. I also think it will go down in history as the number one spring board for airgunners to venture into more expensive, more accurate and quieter pcp's.

    Looking forward to part 2. Thanks.


  2. A couple set screws and half an hour makes the trigger pretty darn good. Doesn't help in the looks department though. As a field gun, this is really all most folks would really ever truly need. What we want, however, is often a different story.

  3. I LOVE my Discovery, but you are right, the finish is terrible. I cleaned it today (don't have JB paste, so I used Hoppes and a brass brush) and my groups shrunk significantly.

    I guess I love it so much because it is the best airgun that I've ever shot. How much better is an M-rod? I've been thinking about one of those, but I'll have to come up with a little more dough first :) Do you have one in .25?

  4. Volvo

    "I will venture up front, that he [Slinging Lead] is more interested in his rebuttal than my ramblings, but honestly I relish a good debate."

    You are even sharper than I thought.

    However, you must remember it's not only me, but scores of blog readers anxiously await my rebuttals/snide/shrewd remarks. It is a cross I must bear.

    Unfortunately, you left little for me to rebut today. You old timers sometimes take a minute to get your thoughts together. So I will patiently wait for part II for the meat of your meager criticisms.

    I think that the fact you considered selling it before shooting it, speaks volumes. I am a bike snob so I guess I shouldn't hold judgement, but I do for the fun of it.

    Thanks for the blog.

  5. Blowgunner,
    Glad you like your Disco. I don’t want to give away the ending, but accuracy was a strong point.

    If people bought just what they really needed…

    Slinging Lead,
    I have a Sears ten speed I picked up about 1991. Still has the little rubber strings on the tires, it is all I need.