Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Sounds of Silence

Is this the Holy Grail of quiet?

So I forgot to get a blog ready for today.

My plans were to address the noise issue that many airgunners are concerned about, and I will. Part of my testing involved a sound meter like Paul C. uses, but with a different placement during the shot. I reasoned that few people actually hold an ear next to the muzzle.

I get a cleaning patch stuck in the baffles, the new versions lack this feature

In my search for quiet power, the FX Whisper in .177 was on my short list. I’ll let you know how it and several other rifles scored.

Scope is low as it can be

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend.


  1. Editor's note:

    In my search for QUIET power...

  2. Slinging Lead,

    You beat me to it... again!


    That's a cool stand. Whatsit?


  3. Volvo,

    FX Whisper, huh? I don't know... I think my Crosman 1077 with homemade PVC LDC might have you beat in the stealth department. Wait - you weren't factoring in accuracy or velocity, were you? :)

    - Orin

  4. Slinging and AlanL,
    Please don’t fight over who gets to fix me, I make enough mistakes for everyone.
    The rest is a little flimsy, but that also makes it light. Works well for cleaning and the like.

    Don’t give away the ending.