Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Beeman Pell Seat

If you enjoy this Blog, I would appreciate anyone that can lend a hand spreading the word. I have provided the incredibly cute photo of me with a colt if that helps. Thanks!

The Pell Seat

Volvo with his first ride

Ever buy a pair of size 36 waist pants and find they are too tight, and another 36 is a tad loose? Or how about an XL t-shirt that seems a little snug and then the next XL makes you feel like you’re swimming in it?

Pellet rifle barrels and the corresponding pellets can have the same issues.

The most challenging I ever came across was a BSA Lightning XL in .25 caliber, loading a pellet in it was like trying to stuff me in a size two cocktail dress.

Use the round end

I’ll admit the BSA is an extreme example. Seems the British are hesitant to give up the old number 3 bore size for the actual .25 caliber the Germans embrace. This is where a pell seat becomes a necessity instead of a luxury. Typically things won’t be so extreme, but the point is the pell seat will help any time the fit is tight.

These won't fit in a .25 cal BSA without help

Next, if the breech and pellet are a good match, it can be used to get a consistent seating depth which in turn reduces velocity variance. A pellet seated too deeply will normally provide less velocity, which in turn affects the point of impact. At the same time the ball end can smooth the skirt for a good seal and keeps the pellet out of harm’s way when the barrel slams shut.

Lastly, the pointy end can be used to experiment with seating depths if you are so inclined.

Keep in mind some barrels will have the opposite ailment and will be so large that the pellet falls out when you close it. The best solution for them is to find a chubby pellet that is accurate.

Coming soon...Big and can click  these pictures!


  1. Volvo,

    Great topic that I've never seen anywhere before. Talked around but not talked about.

    Didn't realize that the falcon pellets were the same as the jsb rs. I have some napier pellets like the ones shown in your photo that I'll send you if you pay postage. I've probably shot them in 20 guns with the same results.

    Need clarification. Is it true that you're not allowed to post a link on the PA site to your blog even though links to the yellow and vintage are posted frequently? If you're not comfortable telling me who prohibited you from doing so here in public I would appreciate a private email.


  2. Kevin,

    I will pass on the Napier pellets; I bought them because Straight Shooters showed good results in an HW50S energy wise. Turns out that must have been a typo. Worse yet, the accuracy is terrible. If you look closely, you will see a sticker peeled off from last year’s garage sale. I had a $1.00 on them.

    As far as the link goes, yes that is correct. But I am allowed to post without a link, so I am still one notch above WOS.

  3. Volvo,

    Oops... a little redundant. I basically just asked the same thing on yesterday's blog as Kevin did here, before I read these comments.

    Keep yer eyes peeled...

    LOL (very loud - my wife even looked at me funny) at the comment about WOS.

    - Orin

  4. Volvo,

    Ok, maybe that wasn't so subtle. But it should get the job done. :D

    - Orin

  5. Orin,

    Thanks for the mention, just be careful or you will end up “Persona non grata”.
    Just to clear, I don’t believe Tom or Edith played any role in this and there is no ill will.
    Maybe the building at the top PA’s site is some sort of church or historical monument? I may need you and Matt to sneak in as Ninja’s and do some recon work.

  6. Volvo

    You look just like I had pictured you all this time.

    Let me guess... you were initially enamored, but quickly grew tired of the horsey. He was traded for a go-cart 2 1/2 months later.

    I must say that I am a little surprised at PA's official reaction to your blog. Do they really think you are seeking to steal readership? Could they possibly not know the cheeky nature of your humor? --Only if they had never read anything else you had written.

    Tom and Edith, on the other hand, probably enjoy your blog as much as the rest of us.

    Which is to say, a little goes a long way. ;^)

    Any mentions of NAA on the Yellow yet?

    I expected maybe a couple of these a week. You have been surprisingly prolific. Keep 'em coming Volvo.

  7. Volvo,

    Nice picture. 36 pants -- why would I wear a boy's size:)? The pellseat to me is a little like weighing pellets, just one more thing to do, but I can see that it is a useful device.

    Regarding oversized bores, Supermags and CPH's are fairly rotund, something I know a little about:).

    I suspect the linking issue is a matter of any links you may have to vendors other than PA, rather than a vendetta against your person?

    To repeat SL's praise -- I am impressed by the speed at which you got the blog up and running, but more so by the fact that you have kept it fresh while refining a familiar format for a couple of weeks now.

  8. Volvo,

    I got here through a link on PA's Blog in a comment posted by Orin in today's blog written by BG_Farmer. Guess I'm coming in at the middle. Can or cann't you post your link on PA's blog? If you don't feel like you can answer in public, please send me an email. Just incase you don't have it thank you sir.

    Mr B.

  9. Slinging Lead,
    You know me too well. At the time of the picture in the 60’s I was 100% a horse man. By 1970 it was a mini bike or nothing.
    I too was surprised they felt threaten, hence the picture of me with the Trojan Horse, I mean cute little pony. I would be receptive of modifying my advertisements, as you suggest. Whatever you do don’t click on the ads as I get paid per click. I have made as much as a $1.18 in a day and fear being placed in a higher tax bracket.

    Bg Farmrer,
    I did not suggest what age the reader may have been when the36’s fit, as to include as many readers as possible. As far as the pell seat I only use it on rifles that need it, play with as many as I have and you a bound to run across some tight ones.

    Mr B,
    It has been requested that I cease and desist placing links that are irrelevant; I would guess they believe I am blogging about gardening?

  10. Yes, it worked! Welcome, BG_Farmer.

    Next step: Try to take over the world.

    Point taken, Volvo. I'll be discreet. Oh - sorry about the $1.18... I'll stop chasing those Viagra ads.

    - Orin

  11. Orin,

    One airgunner per day is my motto...except holidays. : )

  12. Volvo,

    I was intrigued by the Pellseat since I first read about it on "The" blog with all those discussions about transfer ports and seating depths a little while back. Then I forgot about it. Now that I own several different guns and have found variations in how they go in (real tight in the 177 HW30S) and your blog suddenly reminded me of it. I clicked on the link (another $1.18 for you!! :) and proceeded to dump one in my shopping cart until I saw the shipping charges. $10.70 for ONE pellseat via UPS Ground? Lawd ha' mercy-- I'm afraid I backed out. I was hoping for a plain Jane $3.85 Flat Rate Priority Mail option, or even $6 for UPS, but not over $10! Any other suggested vendors?



    It appears the Pell seat is disappearing along with Beeman. The link above has them still in stock; I would guess soon they could be a collectable.

  14. Volvo,

    Seems you are right. I had no idea. I hurried up and bought it. Thanks!


  15. Volvo,Wow...I've just stumbled in to the fruits of your labor and might I say wow,very well done.And I learned about it on PA,which I would have expected,because I'm certain they do not want to be percieved as haters or assbiters!I seriously doubdt that Tom or Edith would be anything but 100% supportive.Airgunning as a hobby is a gem that needs as many facets as it can grow that are positive in nature.There are children out there who's minds and lives need stimulation and enrichment!You are able to make sharing your extensive experience in airgunning enjoyable to's a gift.Your click a pic is an excellent idea.Enough browbeating for one post.I'm gonna look around some more.

  16. FrankB,

    Glad you found me, stop back when you can and God Bless.