Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Direction of the Blog

Do they make a blog GPS???

First let's look at the History of the blog. Like most great concepts this began as an accident, wanting to avoid typing my name in with every post when blogging I needed a blogger account, but while signing up for the account I also created a blog. Oops. It would sit for months unused like most of my power tools.

Speaking of history, Volvo's grandfather and socios in the new country...

Then as a light-humored joke, I decided to post it as an alternative to the PA site which had just undergone major change.

Suddenly I realized I had a blog. For better or worse I could actually share over 30 years of shooting air rifles. While some kids dream of playing professional football, I had always wanted to be Jack O'Connor. I often skipped eating at school to save my lunch money for the latest Outdoor Life magazine. Sure, blogging is a far cry from writing a real column about an African Safari, but not so different then yelling at the TV on a Sunday afternoon by many an armchair quarterback.

Based on a suggestion earlier this week new blogs will post on Saturday and Sunday and not on Thursday and Friday. I would like feedback when possible on the blog content also. Thanks, this could be as good as Girls Gone Wild.

My thoughts have been to inject less commonly available data and sample targets and more personal opinion. I know this goes against what a reviewer usually does, but that is the point. I don't think there is a need for more of the same. I also want to focus more on the drawbacks which are normally not talked about. More of a consumer guides approach if you will, but without an overload of the dry data that turns a juicy piece of meat into a dry pot roast. (yes, this link is a joke too)

Now this may change if I ever get reseller or manufacturer sponsorship, in which case I will love everything. But for the time being, I will be like a food critic with irritable bowel syndrome, no need to read between the lines here.

Also, I don't have a proof reader, so if you notice spelling or grammatical mistakes, please point them out in a separate comment so I can edit the blog and remove the comment once it is corrected.
If you want just one rifle, and hate PCP's - this is it - any guess?

Let’s face it, glowing reviews are all too common, and typically the reviewer does not actually live with the product for any great length of time. I am not faulting these guys for their bias; when your paycheck depends on it or you have real paid advertisements things are different and it is hard to be brutally honest.

Me, I've got no problem being brutal, unless I'm being paid to be nice. Example: The stock is nice, the lack of sanding and finish allowed me to scratch my poison ivy with it. Two thumbs up!


  1. "Like most great concepts..." Indeed. Its good to see your runaway success has not gone to your head.

    It was very cunning of you to stick all those hyperlinks in there to keep those juicy residuals from rolling in. Still, I don't think you are using it to its full potential.

    Some examples:

    While some kids dream of playing professional football

    ..writing a real column about an African Safari

    ..yelling at the TV

    ..many an armchair quarterback

    You get the idea, just go crazy. Don't let any word go unlinked.

    I feel fortunate being able to watch the progress of your blog from the very beginning. From your earliest days when you were like a newborn deer, stumbling to its feet (a couple weeks ago), to your current state of surefootedness, supreme confidence, and a little bit of arrogance. Soon I will be able to witness your transformation to a sellout who is too big for his britches, to a filthy-rich blog magnate who abuses the power of the bully pullpit, and ultimately to the rambling drunken neurotic shell of your former self.

    I like the idea of Saturday and Sunday blogs rather than Thursday and Friday. It will give you more time write these things until you can quit your day job.

    From your #1 fan, SLinging Lead

  2. Volvo,

    Let's see... right click on the picture, select Properties...

    ...scratching head... is it the 22nd picture of your Beeman R1 Supermagnum? Just an uneducated guess.

    I love the brutal blog idea. You can be the Steve Wilko of the airgun community!

    - Orin

  3. Volvo,
    Sounds good. Just don't change the software, as I spent too much time on my blogger profile to let it go to waste. Also, I don't think Jack O'Connor would have been tempted by the .25 Patriot:).

  4. Volvo,

    "My thoughts have been to inject less commonly available data and sample targets and more personal opinion. I know this goes against what a reviewer usually does..."

    Are you kidding?? A personal blog is precisely for that: To inject your opinion-- brutal, honest, or otherwise.

    As for inviting me to comment on spelling and grammar, I'm anal about that. I correct my daughters' papers for school, my colleagues' articles for publication, garage sale signs that rub me the wrong way, and anything else I spot. I'm armed with my whiteout bottle! Trust me you don't want me to comment on your mistakes.... oh well, I can't resist: Let's begin at the beginning with "began" instead of "begun" in your first sentence!

    Seriously, if you really do want my input on this, rather than wasting your comment space I'll gladly email you an annotated Word doc each day or when I can. Let me know.

  5. Being the Elvis of Bloggers means I will undoubtedly be giving away Cadillac’s to my fans at some point. Until that time, cut this out and pin it to your shirt. You should be my first guest blogger, just keep in mind if someone actually buys a linked I items I will not be splitting the wind fall profit of 4%. I will send you a piece of the Berber for your photos.

    I heart Volvo’s blog.
    TCB baby.

    Yes it is a .22 caliber Beeman R1 carbine. Thanks for the info on the picture; I will make sure I keep the names clean…

    Bg farmer,
    No fear on changing the format here. I’m the guy that accidentally created a blog when he just wanted a blogger ID. I think you are correct, Jack would have probably been a .20 caliber man.


    I will see if I can set it up so you can just go in and edit a post.

  6. Ah...yes. I don't know how many papers I've been asked to proofread in the last year. I would be glad to help you out with that.

    Also, could you maybe help me out a little with HTML? I'm doing a guest blog for PA and don't know the code for a byline or an image caption. A sample, possibly?

  7. Volvo,

    Nooooo pleeeez-- don't do that. I prefer to avoid the temptation of all that power! Let me help you the old-fashioned way...

    But I really appreciate the confidence!


  8. blowgunner62:

    Re: HTML tags


  9. AlanL,
    Unless Volvo already changed the text, you might want to check your suggested emendation. "Began" is the proper past tense form of "begin". "Begun" is the participle.

  10. Volvo,
    The popular conception of O'Connor is that he would pick .177, which is not that unreasonable, but not for the reasons most people would think, i.e., he wasn't Roy Weatherby, a man obsessed with making small calibers work at high velocity whether it made any sense or not. I believe he would have likely picked .22 in a rifle of that power. Your .20 caliber selection is completely tenable as well, although it is much more uncommon than .270:).

    If you haven't already done so, you would probably enjoy reading Chuck Hawks on O'Connor and the "debate" with Elmer Keith.

  11. BG_Farmer,

    Volvo is fast! He did indeed already effect the emendation! His line originally read "Like most great concepts this begun as an accident..." That's why I suggested "began" in its place.

    See Volvo? That's why I didn't want to post suggested corrections in the comments. They only serve to confuse people later, not to mention embarrass both you and me! There are, by the way, other errors in your blog post. But I'll mention them to you in an email, not here, if you want.


  12. Alan,

    Have no fear. If the comment is only for the corrections I can delete it after the repair. However, still consider accepting editing privileges.


    Edith will fix it up once you send the copy. I still can’t figure out how to bold words in these comments like AlanL does. I think that could be a guest blog for him “Tips for Bloggger”

    Bg Farmer,
    I still think the .20 caliber could be thought of as necked down from the .22 ala 30-06 to .270.

  13. Volvo,

    Type exactly as shown, but remove the spaces between the brackets:

    < b >bold< /b >
    < i >italics< /i >



    For some reason, underline (u) doesn't work on Blogger.

    - Orin

  14. Orin,
    Thanks for the tip!

    As a reminder I will have new posts on Saturday and Sunday this week.

  15. Volvo,

    I got my Pell Seat today!! Thanks!


  16. AlanL,
    Received your e-mail, sorry I threw you off with my true identity. I correspond with most of the regulars and forgot you were a little newer, as you have assimilated so quickly.

    Hope the Pell Seat comes in handy.

    Thanks for the editing.