Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FX Whisper

We already know it's quiet, but what else?

The Stock:

So I am at the market and I see dried plums, but I recognize them as prunes. I feel the same way about polymer stocks, just a fancy name for plastic but once I get past the looks I have to admit I like the fit of the Whisper. The thumb hole and light weight are a winning combination. It is much easier to hold on target than the average rifle, and I have to give it one thumb up.

Magazine can be a pain

The Action:

The magazine stands proud of the receiver, perhaps too proud. When this happens you’ll need high scope mounts to clear it and while you’re at it you might as well mount a large scope. The magazine itself is auto indexing and that is a positive since working the bolt only needs to feed the next pellet rather than rotate the magazine also. The downside of this is that the magazine requires a video to learn the operation and spares are over $70.00 each. Here are the official directions: “With the magazine’s clear cover facing you, turn the cover anti-clockwise against spring pressure, all the way round until it stops. Still holding the cover against the spring-loaded mechanism, flip the cover over and load a pellet SKIRT first into the one visible chamber. The cover is now held in place, and the mag can be flipped back again and pellets loaded conventionally, head first into all the remaining chambers in turn; finally closing the cover.”

It also is difficult for thick man fingers to load; one out of every 48 pellets goes in backwards and gives me fits.

What happens next in my first days with the rifle is a negative that turns into a positive. I decide to clean the barrel and loose a patch in the rifle. I cannot retrieve it after numerous attempts and accuracy is shot. The good? It forces me to disassemble the rifle and remove the patch that is in the spring with the baffles. In doing so I learn a good bit about what makes a Whisper whisper quiet.

If you need to go with high mounts, get a big scope


Accuracy is top notch with heavy pellets, but anything less than a Kodiak or a CP heavy is not good due to the power level of over 20 ft lbs in .177. Since the magazine holds 16 shots and the bolt is easy to work, it burns ammo and air quickly.

Overall – very nice.

Here is a video of a guy reviewing one, unfortunately he shoots at a metal pellet trap so you can’t tell how quiet this baby is. This ain’t no Gamo Whisper.


  1. Here is the same sites review of your TX, the reviewer could maybe use a cup of coffee.

  2. Volvo,

    How would you go about attaching this?
    Weihrauch Muzzle Brake


  3. Volvo

    Thanks for the links. I can tell that the FX is quieter than the Marauder. The Whisper sounds like a muffled click. The Marauder has a ping to it which I am sure you are aware of.

    Oh sure, I could buy a depinger, but the cat is used to it by now, and shooting outside it is a non-issue. Why go through the hassle?

    $70 for a magazine? Yikes. Too rich for my blood.

    Be as nasty as you wanna be with the Discovery review, should you decide to do one. That is why I am interested, I want to know what it is you didn't like about the Discovery vs. its distant cousin the QB78 which you did like.

    Don't worry about hurting my feelings. I need a good cry anyway.

  4. AlanL,

    You remove the front sight, and then slide a ring on the barrel that protects it from the set screw. Next put the brake on and that’s it. It appears to be the same as the Beeman brand. It will make no difference in the sound of a spring gun, but makes a nice handle if you use a scope.

  5. Volvo,

    Another great article. Is the Monsoon on your purchase list?

    - Orin

    No way. WV: humper. Sweet.

  6. AlanL,

    looks like many are sold out of the Beeman brake,try smaller companies. - have the HW brand

  7. Orin,

    The Monsoon is tempting, but side levers are almost as fast and less $$$.

  8. Volvo,

    Thanks. It's only worth it to me if it actually dampens the sound. If all it does is add weight at the cost of the front sight it's a lose-lose proposition as far as I'm concerned. I was wondering about it because I'm toying with the idea of buying a black and nickel HW50, or HW80 or HW77 from your Canadian friends. I'm SO undecided between these, or even the 35, 85 or 97. They only have the 77K though, and I'm not so sure I will like the carbine-sized version better than the full size... so many indecisions...